The Words That Sell

What You Say, Who You Say It To, How you Say It:
If you have or can get a list of people who are already interested or genuinely likely to be interested in your product or service then you are well on your way to being successful with your postcard marketing. Before that, you have to answer the key question, “Who should I send my postcard offers to?”
After that is answered, your next problems are what to say to them and what to ask them to do.
Let’s Look At What To Say To Them:
It is vital that you get attention fast. If you don’t get attention fast your offer will not get read.
1. An excellent way to get attention and hence get read is to boldly give the 5 or 6 key benefits of your product or service.
Put the biggest benefit on top and list off the rest in descending order of importance.
For example:
How Would You Like To Get:

Biggest benefit
Second biggest
Third biggest benefit
You get the idea

People are interested in things they want. If your benefits are really beneficial to them they will read your postcard (and if your list is good and you really know what benefits your ideal customer is seeking they will respond too).
2. Next thing to do is give a very brief explanation of how you can provide the benefits you named.
3. Next, persuade them to act by giving them a good reason to contact you.
4. You can offer a testimonial from a really happy customer
5. If you have or can give a guarantee, give one. Guarantees take the risk away for the person receiving your postcard.
6. Make them an offer that no reasonable person who had an interest in your product or service could easily refuse.
How Should I Say It?
Urgently ask the people you send postcards to, to order from you or contact you for free information about your products and services.
Now is your chance to take advantage of our special offer. Don’t miss out. Call NOW!
Be sure to explain exactly how to order or contact you for further information.
When you follow this structure for creating your postcards you will get good response to your mailings.


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