Use Internet Marketing to Bring Customers to Your Local Business

Millions of “bricks and mortar” businesses have websites, but only a fraction of those businesses are using the Internet to bring in more sales. It’s an expense that they pay because “everyone else is doing it”. Don’t settle for that.
Is the Internet bringing customers to your doors? If not, here are three important tips to make you grin about your “net profits” (and make your competition jealous):
Three Tips to Make the Internet Bring Customers to Your Store or Office:
1. Write to persuade.
If your business is like most businesses, competition is fierce and just a click away. Don’t just put up a brochure describing your business – that’s too easy to click away from, and they will. A brochure website is like a timid office worker who gives just the boring facts.
Think of your website and online ads as your “salesman in cyberspace”, a salesman who makes a mouth-watering, I’ve-got-to-get-it-NOW offer. Reach through the monitor, grab your visitor by his shirt and tell him why you’re going to make a positive difference in his life. Make him see it, feel it, taste it. Whatever you sell, make him salivate as he gets into the car to come see you.
You can do this in audience-appropriate ways, whether your business is an architecture firm, a sports bar or a children’s clothing store.
2. Attract as many TARGETTED visitors as you can. Don’t waste time or money on people who are not likely to buy from you. There are many ways to bring targetted traffic to your site and business. Some of the top ways are:

Pay-per-click ads
Email ads
Joint Ventures
Discussion list postings
Article writing and distribution

These ways are important because you can match your marketing message to the people you are looking for. A great example of this was on last season’s Apprentice TV show. The contest was to sell the most discount wedding gowns in one day.
One team handed out flyers on the streets of New York. They drew a measley number of customers. The other team bought an email ad from wedding website and had customers lined up down the block. And they sold 5 times the amount of the first team. You can use this technique to draw customers too, either to your website or directly to your business.
3. Set your website visitors hair on fire.
You may have heard this before. It means, give them a reason to ACT NOW. When a website visitor says to him or herself “I’ll think about it,” and clicks away, you know THEY ARE GONE. They are busy in their own lives, thinking about everything else but your business and your offer.
How do you get them to act now?
Make a limited time offer. It can be a discount, but it doesn’t have to be. For example, you can add an online coupon that visitors can print and bring in for a free gift with purchase. If you’re in the knowledge business, offer a free support information, such as a “Checklist for Your Home Addition Project”, but only if they act now.
Revamp your salesman in cyberspace to attract potential customers, make the case that you are what they want and show them why it’s in their best interest to get up and go get it NOW.


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