If You’re a Marketer, You Should be Blogging

Blogging has captured the interest of many across the World Wide Web. The cold, robotic nature of the virtual world becomes warm and cozy when we see personality and real life thoughts appearing on our screens. Sometimes we make a connection with the blogger that leaves an impression. We’re caught! Our natural curiousity will draw us back on a regular basis to get the juicy updates the blogger throws our way.
Wise marketers are incorporating this trend into their marketing scheme. The inexplicable urge to return time and time again is a gold mine to be escavated. After all, isn’t that exactly what a marketer’s goal is? Not only are people drawn to revisit, but search engine robots can’t seem to neglect a site that has regularly updated data. Blogging is a win-win situation that you don’t want to miss out on!
Mark was a smart and money-wise kind of guy. He’d spend hours thinking about how to get the most out of his money, and his bank account had a lot to show for his efforts. Mark had been a successful business man for some time, and now he was contemplating an expansion – a virtual expansion that is.
One of the greatest of all business expenses is advertising. Mark remembered how he had snookered his way into free advertising in the local newspaper. While his counterparts paid big bucks for big ads, Mark resorted to figuring out ways to make the local news, which everyone read. It had worked marvelously in the real world, but how could he do the same thing in cyberspace?
Blogs, blogs, blogs! Blogs are the answer to free advertising in the virtual world. Search engines will gather your latest news and broadcast them world-wide while you sit back, fold your arms and smile. Who could keep from smiling when search engines index your site free of charge and heavy traffic is being directed to your virtual doorstep without costing you a penny?
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Not only will blogs save you a bundle of money in advertising fees, but the very nature of blogs spells out t-i-m-e-s-a-v-i-n-g-s. Marketers are busy people who could use a little extra time to golf or fish. It doesn’t seem feasible to think that something as short and sweet as a blog would net as much interest as a well-thought-out newsletter or sales letter, but in fact marketers across the world are finding it to be true. Hey, get out that dusty fishing pole, and invest some in some new tackle!
While you’re out relaxing and enjoying a much needed break, who knows how many people will be visiting your site? It could be….no, don’t hurry back to see!


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