Three Ways Flat Rate Conferencing Can Help Grow Your Business

There is no question that teleconferencing is revolutionizing the way that people do business, both on the Internet and offline.
Internet marketers, coaches, consultants, counsellors, major corporations, even Sunday School teachers are using teleconferencing to stay in contact with their staff, clients, potential customers, and classes without having to set up a meeting place.
Teleconferencing has also added a new dimension to the way people can teach and deliver information over the Internet. Seminars and classes can now be held for hundreds of people at the same time without having to leave their homes. With a preset date and time, people can call a number and either learn more information about a topic or participate in a forum of discussion.
Charges for admission to these types of calls can be anywhere from $20 to $30 up to $100’s of dollars for typically one hour.
Three Ways To Boost Your Income And Grow Your Business
Teleconferences can lead to an amazing growth in your income, and credibility as an expert on a given situation. You can also ADD more to your conferencing by utilizing flat rate conferencing.
Flat rate teleconferencing is simply setting up an account for unlimited monthly conference calls for a set rate. By doing so, marketers are seeing exponential growth in both their reach of new customers and as a byproduct, their income.
In watching this use of flat rate telenconferencing among individual marketers, corporate executives, coaches, and consultants I have singled out three ways that flat rate conferencing can lead to added growth and income.
1. Talk As Much As You Want.
Typically the average conference call would last for one hour. But, there are times when the conversation, and/or, meeting would take on a whole new life and 60 minutes just isn’t enough time. But, either the call is cut off or the host has to pay extra charges.
With flat rate conferencing you can host your call for as long as you want with no worries of extra charges or disonnections. People are more at ease and can have added time to grasp what is being taught or talked about.
2. No reservations needed.
With regular conference calls you need to reserve your bridge in advance. With flat rate calling, there is no need. You can set up calls wihthin a minutes notice if need be.
This works well with telecommuters and for staff meetings.
3. You can set a conferencing budget.
If you can budget something every month you can use it to grow your income. With flat rate teleconferencing you are able to know every month how much you’ll be spending on it and know how much you’ll be earning with it.
If you’re using teleconferencing to hold paid seminars or courses you can hold as many as you want each month for the same price.
People Are Learning More And Enjoying It
Teleconferencing has not only changed the way that people do business online, and added a new income avenue, but it has also helped alot of people get started with their own business, changed the way they learn, has helped coaches and counselors give more attention to their clients, and Sunday School teachers lead a lesson to shut ins and people who were on vacation.
And people are enjoying the new option of attending a seminar or class without leaving thier home.
Flat rate conferencing is going to add a new way for people to experience this more often and give businesses, and teachers, a new tool to reach more people.


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