The Right Tools for Your Marketing Job

Time is money; undoubtedly one of the oldest clichs in existence. Have you ever thought about what it really means though? Is bending over to pick up a penny worth your time? Maybe, but would it still be worth it to cross the street for the same penny. Maybe not.
Your time has value. You can choose to use every minute of every day in any way you wish. It goes without saying that most of us would like to spend more time making money or at least have our “money making” time be more profitable.
For those of you who do any type of mass marketing, you already know about Ad Trackers, Autoresponders, and Shopping Carts. You may or may not know that you can combine all three (and more) into one service. This week we start our first of a three part series on the many uses of a so called Рюьcomplete marketing tool’ (we’ll call it the Tool).
Every Tool has different functions, but there are a few that are fairly universal and very necessary. This week, we’ll focus on the function often called Ad Tracking. Within a Tool, an Ad Tracker allows the marketer to set up a tracking protocol for any link on the marketer’s web site.
What a tracking protocol tells you is exactly how many people clicked on your link. If the link goes to a desired location on your website, you can track your conversion rate as well. In either case, it’s invaluable information.
Here are two examples.
1) Let’s say that you are promoting XYZ Shoe Polish on your website. In the middle of one of your product comparison pages, you put a hyperlink to XYZ’s home page (for example). You can look at your web logs to find out how many visitors that page received. Then you can go to your Tool’s Ad Tracker to find out how many of your visitors clicked on your link to XYZ. You can easily see how important that information is from a marketing perspective.
2) Let’s say you’ve just written an ebook on raising Tulips. You website is all about flower maintenance and in one of your spring articles, you put a link to your ebook sales page. Because of your Ad Tracker, you know exactly how many people got to your sales page through your article. And you know how many of your ebook customers were as a result of your well written article.
Just the Ad Tracking function alone is worth the monthly fee paid to a Complete Marketing Tool service. With the incredibly useful aspects of the Ad Tracker, you’ve already saved time and marketing dollars. Nevertheless, there are a ton of other functions that the Tool service provides. Next week, we’ll talk about the Complete Marketing Tool’s ability to track your mailing list as well as your affiliates.
In the meantime, if you can’t wait to check out the other Tool features for yourself, please feel free to check out the very same Marketing Tool we rely on everyday. See for yourself, how many of the great features could make your business easier and more efficient.


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